Monday, February 18, 2008

flash MX tab between text fields

First put this in the _root in the timeline. change 'mc' to the name of your mc that you are wanting to tab in.


Now inside of your mc, put this in the timeline. Be sure to change 'txt1' and 'txt2' to the instance name of your text fields you wish to tab between:
txt1.tabIndex = 1;
txt2.tabIndex = 2;

To tab between buttons put this but change 'btn' to the name of your button.:
btn.tabIndex = 3;

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

flash mx slider

For a tutorial on how to make a slider with numbers:

Download their source here.

Password Box

Make an input text block then open the properties panel. See the little 'A' with a square around it? drop down the menu next to it and select password. TAADAA!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dynamic text selectable

If you do not want your dynamic text to be selectable then open the properties panel, double click on a blank spot in the properties panel (you should then see a new part of the properties panel) Then click on the little icon (shows text being selected) so it will no longer be selectable!

Embedding fonts in flash

Does your dynamic text look really bad when tested? Then I recommend you embed the font you plan on using.

Open the Library panel (Ctrl+L).

Add a font to your library - click the options menu in the upper right corner of the panel and select New Font.

In the Font Symbol Properties dialog box select the font, size and style that you want. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Right click the font symbol in the library and select Linkage.

In the Linkage Properties dialog box, click the Export for ActionScript button. ok.

Select the text tool from the Tools panel and draw a dynamic text field on the Stage.

Give the text field an instance name of "txt". In the Font menu select the symbol name you gave the embedded font earlier. You should see an asterisk (*) beside the name of font.

In the Property inspector set the font size and style to match those in the Font Symbol Properties dialog box earlier.

add the following code to Frame 1 of your Flash document:

txt.embedFonts = true;

add text into the dynamic text field and test the SWF. You should see your text and it should look much better!

***Remember, If you have more than one text block, you are going to have to add another line of code like you did with "txt.embedFonts = true; " So name your new text block instance "txt2" then add this actionscript: txt2.embedFonts = true;***